Helpful Hints to Keep in Mind When Shopping

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Helpful Hints to Keep in Mind When Shopping

December 7, 2016Comments Off on Helpful Hints to Keep in Mind When Shopping

The Nikon D5500 has touchscreen functionality and is very easy to hold. Weighing just 14.2 ounces, the D5500 is a valuable asset to all who use it. Having a great camera like this will mean nothing if there are no great lenses to go with it. It will be a great relief to all photographers to know that there are many options as shown in our reviews of nikon d5500 lenses. Along with the photographer’s talent, the D5500 offers a distortion correction mode that improves all areas that lens may blur. So, what makes a good lens?

What to Look For

  • Lightweight- There is no point in a lightweight camera and heavy lens.
  • Versatile- The fewer lenses that must be carried around the better
  • Inexpensive-This does not have to mean poor quality and if a lens can be bought cheaply there is the option to buy others.
  • Wide angle capability allowing a full expanse to be included.
  • Zoom capability – Often there will be times when it is not possible to get close to the subject, so this function will be vital.
  • Image quality- No one will want to take a picture that they will be embarrassed to show.

What Could Be Problematic?

  • Plastic – If there is too much, it will look out of place for nikon d5500 lenses.
  • Poor zoom level – Certain categories of photography will suffer greatly from this
  • Lack of vibration reduction
  • To heavy

The following are great lenses you could consider buying:

Nikon 18-55mm f/3.5- 5.6 VR II

This is one of the lightest and least expensive of the lenses weighing just 6.9 oz.  A lot of the mount is constructed of plastic, but this is not necessarily a problem for all. It can be seen as more of a beginner’s lens that one for a professional. It is likely that there will be a little distortion, and this is to be expected and not a great problem as the camera will fix this. If not the main lens that is owned, it is a great one to have as a backup.

Nikon 18-140mmf/3.5- 5.6 VR

A much heavier lens than others, it is considered to be a much more complete option at 17.3 options.  It is a walk around zoom lens and provides vibration reduction rather than leaving it to the camera body. The zoom angle is longer than that of other lenses and is thought to be the ideal lens for when the majority of the pictures taken will be travel shots or portraits. Due to the amount of uses this lens has, it will be easy to leave it on the camera for a lot of photographs.

Nikon 18 – 300mm f.3.5 – 6.3 VR

This lens is heavier than many others, but due to its versatility, it is an issue that will be accepted. Users have been amazed at the amount of shots they can take with this lens although there have been references made to issues with autofocus.

You will be able to cover almost all focal lengths and even though the latest model of this lens was only introduced a few years ago, it has become a firm favourite. It is lighter and less expensive than competitor’s models, things that many photographers find important.

The Final Word

Carrying out research is going to be vital for the new photographer and the good news is that there is plenty of information available. Decide which features will be the most beneficial to you, then start the collection of nikon d5500 lenses for your camera with them. There is always the option add on later when you know the area of photography you want to concentrate on.

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