Three major Hosting Plans you Should Consider

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Three major Hosting Plans you Should Consider

December 17, 2016Comments Off on Three major Hosting Plans you Should Consider

HostGator is one of the widely picked web hosts. This happens because of various reasons. First of all, the company possesses very powerful administration tools.  Ranging from Webalizer to Raw log Manager, this web host is fully loaded in terms of useful admin tools. Additionally, HostGator is a pro when it comes to programming features: ASP.NET series, Python, PHP, AJAX, MVC 3.0, SSICurl and GD Library.  Award winning support is also something that the company takes pride in. For 365 days, users receive live support from the technical staff. There are many ways to reach the customer care desk: telephone, email, and live chat. You can continue reading this on

Three major hosting plans you can buy

HostGator has a wide range of hosting plans it provides to users. Three of these include the following:

  • VPS hosting – This sort of hosting includes a private space on a shared server. The beneficiary enjoys a service that is almost as great as dedicated hosting. When your hosting needs increase, consider VPS hosting. HostGator provides a VPS server with a full root access. This enables the user to install any type of software without delay or interruptions. Another advantage is that cutting edge hardware is provided. This includes VPS servers that make use of a 32-core AMD Opteron 6376 processors, 3.6TB of RAID 10 and 128GB of RAM. Every user has a direct access to an optional cPanel with a WHM control panel, an Apache Web Server and a VPS server that is protected with the free IPTables Firewall. Other server features include all programming languages, customizable applications, kernel upgrades, Safe Harbour Certification and a CentOS Linux 64-bit full root access.
  • Dedicated server – This is usually an exclusive server that is afforded by few. HostGator makes its dedicated servers more affordable, though. When a business grows, its traffic also increases. To respond to this effectively, the owner should use a dedicated server. This kind of a server is used just by one user. All its resources belong to them. Thus, it is the most flexible and customizable server you can buy. Needless to say, users of this server receive full support from the HostGator staff. This is the server that your business will never outgrow. There is a special cPanel that is provided freely. You can use it to control things. A high amount of security and speed are a must when using a dedicated server. It has no downtimes or other irregularities.  Linux features when using a dedicated hosting plan are many. They include the full root access, a cPanel with WHM extension, Apache Web Server and other programming support and the IPTables Firewall support.  When using the latest cPanel control Panel, you will see your website stats, use password protected directories, use Quickinstall and other features.
  • Reseller hosting – A HostGator reseller hosting plan is just a method of reciprocating the good. It gives you an opportunity to earn some money or start your own hosting company. If you start a company, you will be able to attract your own customers. A number of features are guaranteed. First, you can expect to add unlimited domains, subdomains, MySQL databases, email accounts and FTP accounts. There is a cPanel control panel which is idiot-proof and flexible. A ninety-nine-point-nine percent uptime guarantee is given, plus 45-day money back guarantee. There are many other fantastic features that a reseller could enjoy if they pick HostGator.

Aside from the above three hosting plans, the company provides a few others. These include WordPress hosting, Web hosting and cloud hosting plans. Each plan is unique and beneficial in numerous ways. If you want to continue reading this, go to today.

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