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All about the organic essiac tea

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Have you ever heard of essiac tea? It is a very particular medicinal compound, very popular in Canada and North America. Discover the ingredients that make it up and its benefits! Within the world of medicinal plants, each place has its own secrets. And Canadians, of course, have theirs. Far beyond the maple syrup, there is also essiac tea, an herbal compound with properties that will help you feel better in certain cases. His name does not come from any strange medicinal plant or anything like it. It’s just the Caisse name in reverse, it was a nurse named Renee Caisse who started promoting it. The rest is the story of a medicinal infusion that became effective and popular.

The ingredients of this medicinal compound are basically four. The root of burdock, rhubarb, sorrel and a kind of elm very common in North America, from these four elements is that this remedy is made. With time they have added others like the cress or the kelp. The anti-cancer tea was used for centuries, first by the original peoples of North America, then by nurses and other specialists. However, currently, the pharmaceutical industry is responsible for keeping this recipe hidden.

According to the Center for the Control and Prevention of diseases, cancer is the second disease that causes more deaths, after coronary diseases. In the West millions of dollars a year are spent on anti-cancer pharmacological treatments, however, we can find the answer in herbs and foods that give us the same nature. The same thing happens with the anticancer drug Essiac, a mixture of herbs that is a potent and effective remedy that helps the body fight tumors. However, this simple recipe earned by the pharmaceutical industry does not allow this to come to light. Learn the history, properties, and recipe of the anti-cancer essiac tea.

Where does the anti-cancer essiac tea come from?

As far as is known, the essiac tea recipe comes from the native Ojibwe tribes that populated the current area of Canada and the North of the United States. At first, it was known as “Ojibwe Tea of Life”. Then it came to a Canadian nurse named Rene Caisse who used it to help his patients while treating different types of cancer. It would be the nurse who would begin to call it Essiac Finally; specialists began to promote the use of the anticancer drug Essiac in different health centers as an effective, economical and affordable remedy. This drew the attention of the most powerful industries and they began to rumored possible health risks due to the consumption of this herbal mixture. Under pressure, the FDA (Federal Drug Administration of the USA) included essiac tea in the list of “possible dangerous drug”.

Beyond the resolution, Caisse and Brunsch had the testimony of thousands of patients who overcame the disease with this infusion. In 1938 they had the signature of more than 55,000 people who requested to continue their treatment with the anticancer drug Essiac. Currently, you can prepare this infusion or get it ready in health food stores around the world. The anticancer drug Essiac is recommended for any organism since it does not affect negatively. It is only discouraged in patients with brain cancer, as it can cause inflammation in that area and be fatal. Its use works both to prevent cancer and to support the immune response to different conventional oncological treatments. The recommended dose of the mixture is 30 g per day, diluted in hot water. Drink before going to sleep and two hours after eating.

Properties of the Essiac:

Strengthens the immune system:

Most conventional treatments to fight cancer destroy the patient’s immune system. The Essiac infusion strengthens and improves the responses to attack infections. It is also depurative and analgesic recommended to any patient with the chronic ailment. It is rich in beta-sitosterol, a polysaccharide that nourishes and strengthens immune cells.

Source of antioxidants:

Oxidative stress, that is to say, the damage produced by free radicals, causes cellular instability and is the cause of the inflammatory processes of the organism. It is even believed that many times it is the origin of the cellular mutations necessary to develop cancer. The antioxidant compounds inhibit the action of free radicals, which is why they are key compounds when it comes to preventing this disease.

The Essiac anti-cancer tea is rich in antioxidant phytonutrients: flavones, anthraquinones, and tannins. According to studies, this infusion can reduce the effect of free radicals by 84%. The pharmacological remedies used to cure cancer contain these same antioxidants. A clear example of this is adriamycin used in chemotherapy that is used to fight 13 different forms of cancer. The anti-cancer essiac tea prevents cell mutations. Burdock root, one of the main compounds of the mixture, is rich in anthraquinone: an antioxidant that has been shown to reduce and prevent cell mutation, which prevents tumor growth. Compounds combined in the anticancer tea Essiac inhibit the proliferation capacity of cancer cells. It is very good for immunity. Exactly, one of the things for which essiac tea is most used and one of the ideas for which it was created, is to raise the defenses, prevent diseases and help with others that are often drastic with the defenses.

It is antioxidant

Also, essiac tea is very good both as an antioxidant and as an anti-inflammatory. It helps you to eliminate swellings and also gives you a hand to eliminate free radicals from your body and strengthen you in general lines.

It is a great digestive

If you have problems with digestion or constipation, Essiac will help you, especially by rhubarb action, a great element in this regard.The medicinal blend of essiac tea is prepared with the tisane procedure. That is, with boiling and decoction of about 10-20 minutes of the herbal compound that has been acquired. Without a doubt, a great herbal compound, made of plants that could never do you wrong? Do not stop cheering!

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